Basement Drain

Clogged Basement Drain ?

You have water coming up through your basement floor drain. Is it SEWER water or is it LAUNDRY water that’s flooding your basement? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.
With most companies the price difference to clean different lines can be substantial. You call explaining the issue and you’re given a price over the phone (maybe). They arrive and quote a complete different price because that lower price you were quoted was a “special” for floor drains but it turns out that it’s actually your main sewer line that is backed-up. $
Don’t fall for the bait and switch. Unlike 99% of our competition, we charge the same price for a clogged basement drain as we do for a main sewer line clog ($94).
It can be difficult to diagnose which line is actually backed-up. All you see is water. How do you know what to tell the CSR when asked which drain is the issue? Our dispatch / CSR department has it easy. All we need to know is that your basement drain is clogged or overflowing. We’ll send a guy right out.
How soon can we be on-site? Usually within a couple hours of your phone call.
How long does the appointment take? Usually an hour to an hour and a half.
Do you work or weekends or at night? Always.
Is there an extra charge for that? No
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Clogged Basement Drain
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