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Drain Cleaning in Hastings, MN

Discount Plumbers is Hastings’ go-to for all drain cleaning needs! Reach out to our proficient team today for prompt and effective unclogging solutions. With top-tier equipment and a wealth of experience, we guarantee that your drains are in the best hands!

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Experiencing blocked drains and sewer lines in Hastings can be incredibly inconvenient. There are various reasons for these blockages. In the mainline sewers, the usual suspects include tree roots, grease, and feminine products. Meanwhile, smaller lines, such as those connected to bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers, often get clogged due to the buildup of hair and soap scum. In the kitchens of Hastings homes, leftover food and grease typically lead to blockages. These remain the primary causes of household backups in the area.

At Discount Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in Hastings, we have accumulated around 30 years of combined experience in unclogging and cleaning sewer and drain lines. Our team is equipped with the latest in technology, including Drain Video Machines and Hydro Jetters, ensuring that our Hastings clients receive the best service possible.


Many of the pipes beneath our homes and streets in Hastings have been around for years. While they’re known for their durability, often being made from materials like cast iron or terra cotta, they are not impervious to disruptions from external sources.

In many cases, tree roots can lead to obstructions, necessitating the services of a professional sewer line cleaning company like Discount Plumbing and Drain Cleaning.

If you’re dealing with recurrent issues or if our cleaning tools can’t clear the obstruction, that’s when our inspection cameras become indispensable. Whether you’re a new resident in Hastings or have recently completed a home renovation, it’s a wise decision to get your sewer line inspected to assess its current state.


Residential Services

• Restoration of Bathroom Sink Drainage

• Basement and Mop Sink Clearing

• Hydro Jetting for Intense Water Flow

• Maintenance for Septic Lines

• Resolving Clogged Toilet Issues

• Comprehensive Sewer Cleaning & Extraction

• Expert Commercial Cleaning & De-Clogging

• Bathtub and Shower Drainage Optimization

• Kitchen Sink Drain Care

• Solutions for Obstructed Plumbing & Pipelines

• Proficient Rooter & Snaking Procedures

• Flood Drains Control and Maintenance

• Laundry Tub Drain Purging

• Thawing of Frozen Lines

• Floor Drain Management Services