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When Confronted with a Plumbing Emergency, Time is Critical

Discount Plumbers is an emergency plumber serving Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. We understand just how vital time is to a plumbing emergency. If you ever require an emergency plumber in Brooklyn Park, call the experts with years of experience.

We are a family run plumbing business that understands emergencies can occur when you the very least expect it. Getting home from work to find water standing on your floorings from a burst pipe or damaged hot water heater is one of the most awful experiences a house owner can deal with.

In a plumbing emergency, time is of the essence to minimize damage to your property. Also if you assume you have the trouble in control, having a specialist plumber evaluate your home will certainly guarantee that there are no surprise surprises behind a wall or cupboard.

The professionals at Discount Plumbers are specialists. After identifying the trouble, we will lessen the damage and also get your life back to typical as promptly as is possible. Discount Plumbers is on call to help homeowners in the areas we serve. We’ll be here for you as well as your family if you ever encounter an emergency plumbing situation.

When Should I Call an Emergency Plumber?

The best answer to this is, if in doubt, don’t hesitate. Even if you think you have a plumbing problem under control, waiting may only make the matter worse. Besides, in some emergencies the level of water damage to your home may not be obvious or apparent. Water can do extensive damage to your carpeting, furniture, flooring and the walls of your home. For peace of mind in any plumbing emergency, call or contact Discount Plumbers at the number below or fill out our form here.

Issues That Warrant Calling an Emergency Plumber

  • No water service to your home, but your neighbors have service
  • Sewage backing up in your home. Need we say more. This is a problem that can’t wait
  • Burst pipes in the home. Waiting will only lead to more extensive and costly repairs
  • Broken Water Heater. Whether electric or gas, a broken water heater is a serious problem. In addition to not having hot water, this can be a dangerous problem to have and should be left to a professional
  • Backed up toilet or drain. If you are unable to clear the clog with a plunger you need to call a professional. Never use harsh chemicals to unclog a toilet!

What Can I Do Before the Plumber Arrives?

It’s always a good idea to know where your main water valve shut-off is located. Usually it’s situated at the meter or where the primary waterline goes into the home. For overflow scenarios or dripping pipes in the residence, locate the bathroom shut off valve behind the toilet or for sinks, generally located underneath the sink in the cabinet.

Why Call Discount Plumbers?

Having provided plumbing solutions to Brooklyn Park and  the bordering location for numerous years, there isn’t a plumbing emergency we haven’t seen. Our expert plumbers recognize specifically what to do and will resolve your emergency rapidly and efficiently. Our fleet of trucks are well equipped to tackle almost any kind of emergency instantly. We hope you never encounter a plumbing emergency, yet if you do, we hope you will certainly place your trust in the specialists of Discount Plumbers, you’re “Go To Plumbers.”



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