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Are you looking for quality “plumber near me”? Discount Plumbers offers high-quality, $94 sewer and plumbers services to Minneapolis, St. Paul, Anoka, Ramsey, and adjoining areas. We are aways upfront about the scope of our services and pricing- expect only the best work from Plumber near me any time of the year.
We have a solid track record, and we believe in giving our customers more than they expect. In addition, we believe in professionalism and “killing with kindness-” these form the core of our business philosophy. These reasons and more have made us Discount Plumbers a well-loved plumber near me company.
Find us at the base of Minneapolis in the metro are. Our strategic office location helps us to rapidly respond to plumbing jobs and emergencies. Expect us to respond with our professional plumbers on average, within two hours. No customer wants to wait around all day for a plumber. Thats why we show up when you search ‘Plumber near me.’
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For plumbing near me, local drain plumber, emergency plumber or local plumber in Minneapolis, we can handle all your sewer and drain cleaning services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro areas. Discount Plumbers® Minneapolis also offers a dedicated team of qualified professional plumbers ready to help with your faucets, toilets, garbage disposal, water heater, trenchless sewer repair and tub/shower valve issues. Our unclog drain cleaning specials can’t be beat by any other plumbing companies.. We provide rapid response for your clogged drain, clogged toilet, main drain cleaning, main line sewer repair, sewer lining, sewer pipe or even sewer line installation. Contact us today for $94 Drain Cleaners and Plumber services.