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The gas burner that warms the water is managed by a gas regulator assembly mounted on the side of the water heater, which includes a thermostat that gauges the temperature of the water inside the container and turns the burner on and off as needed to preserve the set temperature of the water.

Pressure Release Valve:

It’s a valve that eliminates excess pressure in the water heater tank. By doing so, it can avoid excess pressure accumulation that has the possibility to trigger a ruptured tank and also flood your home. It’s an smaller piece of equipment however it’s a necessary security mechanism for your hot water heater.

Ignition Systems:

Modern electronic ignition systems switch on only when needed. Thus, this ignition system will only illuminate and use energy when the hot water heater, burner, or central heating boiler requires warm water. Digital ignition system can be found in:

Generally located in contemporary heating systems, this ignition system utilizes solid-state controls to fire up the flame. In addition, a digital ignition system that utilizes a flame sensing unit to measure the microamps to verify the fire, replaces the thermopiles as well as thermocouples.

Anode Rod:

Is a necessary component of your hot water heater. It’s a lengthy metal rod, made from magnesium or light weight aluminum, which extends through the container’s inside. It attracts bits of iron, limestone or other minerals present in the water via an electrochemical procedure and rusts in place of the storage tank.


If you’re experiencing issues with the warm water in your home, one way you can check your electric hot water heater is by examining its thermostats. Altering or replacing a thermostat is a reasonably simple repair service, so it deserves an examination before running any water. You can check your water heater’s thermostats using a multimeter, which is an electric measuring tool conveniently acquired online or in any type of home improvement shop.

Drain Valve

A hot water heater drain valve drains out calcium, other mineral sediments, as well as debris from the hot water heater. Most of these debris typically clear up at the bottom, and it can clog the system or trigger it to malfunction. It would certainly help if you considered these procedures when draining your hot water heater.

Water Shutoff Valve

A shut-off valve is required on the cold water supply pipe to water heater. This valve is typically located on top of the water heater, on the right side cold line. (see image)

Gas Shutoff

To find a water heaters’ gas shutoff seek a single lever that would generally be found at the end of the unit about a foot or two out. Turn this valve in the clockwise position to turn the gas off.

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