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Plumbers near me

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How to hire the best plumber near you

Let’s face it, plumbing is not something that comes naturally to most of us. Not to mention how destructive water can be to your property. So when time does call for a plumber, you want to know that the company you’ve selected is local and reliable. That’s why Discount Plumbers has become so popular so quickly

Plumbers near me

24 Hour Plumbers Near Me

Whenever you discover that you have an issue with your plumbing, that alone can be considered an emergency. Wether it be a leaking pipe, clogged drain, water heater, to flooding in the basement. Once you start to see visible damage to your property from water damage then it poses a health hazard.

Doesn’t it feel like plumbing emergency’s happen at the worst possible time? That’s why you need a plumbing company who can get there fast at half the cost.

A plumbing emergency can’t always wait until regular business hours. You need someone who is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Most companies won’t offer any service on the weekends anyway. So get in touch with someone who is qualified and affordable.

What Are Serious Plumbing Emergencies

1. Gas Leak

If there is a smelly hint of gas, it’s important to not try and fix the gas leak yourself. Leave the area, call a plumbing company, and ask if they work on gas lines like gas water heaters.

2. Sewer Backup

There are lots of drains throughout the house. One of the most vital being the Main sewer line. This sewer line is responsible for draining out waste and water from your house. Many older sewer lines often backup. A backed up Main sewer line can create a smelly mess. Such a backup contains many harmful bacterias that may saturate if left ignored for too long. It’s also important to know what kind of sewer line you have. They are listed below.

Cast Iron




3. Water Heaters

Family’s rely on hot water within their home. And when it’s your turn for a shower the water heater stops working, that’s a major problem. When you have little to no hot water call a plumber. They will inform you if it needs to be repaired, if you have on outdated model, or if it needs to be replaced. We love doing water heater repair. But first it’s good to know what kind of water heater you have. Below are the most common types.





4. Burst Pipes

Burts pipes are most common around the winter time in Minnesota, and thats for obvious reasons. The frigid air and the dryness causes copper pipes to freeze. That freeze causes disruption within the pipe making it expand, and since liquid can’t be compressed it has only one way out. Eventually leads to flooding if left ignored.

5. Clogged Toilet

Toilets can clog for many reasons, if you know what we mean. Overflowing toilets cause water damage to your flooring and surrounding cabinets. Plungers sometimes fix the problem, if you end up plunging your toilet often, you’re just delaying the problem. We will auger out your toilet at half the cost of anyone else.

Why Do You Need A Plumber Near Me

First, the plumbing system that is in our house is very important, for a variety of tasks, and because they are delicate they are prone to leaks, clogs, backups, and bursts. They strike like a thief in the night. It’s important to have a reliable plumbing company you can call in times of need. Last thing you would want after you have a plumbing emergency is wait and wait for a plumber. We’re so fast we get you draining in less than a day. We are the best plumber near me you can count on. Free estimates depending on the work

How do I Find a Plumber Near Me

The initial step to find the appropriate plumber near you is to give them a clear idea of the work, try to talk in detail the description of the job called for, so the company you hired can make a full assessment of the time, tools, items and labor that will be needed to finish the job. This is the best way to obtain a precise quote.

If needed, take pics of the problem. If it’s within our reach, seeing an image of the damages might assist us, your local plumbing company to establish what type of fix is called for. Lastly, agree on a set price.

Ensure you are both clear from the start regarding how your plumber near you intends to be paid. Some plumbers will prefer cash; others might prefer checks. We accept both ways. For proprietors that may not be in a position to be there within the time window, online payments are often the easiest. Agreeing on a payment method early is the best means to prevent complication later.

The best plumber near me should offer a solution for every drain, pipe, and sewer line in your home. We offer everything from highly affordable services to full water heater installations or replacements and so much more.  A skilled plumber can give you an estimate of how long a repair should take. Best of all, you get the convenience of same or next-day service and transparent, budget-friendly pricing. We guarantee it!

Try Our $169 Drain Cleaning Special

Regular drain cleaning is one essential service that keeps things running smoothly. If your toilet, sink, shower, or any other drain drains slow, you’ll want to call someone right away who has the equipment, best prices, and skills to get things flowing once again. Don’t wait and risk a clog or backup. Trust us that causes more harm than good!

Our $169 drain cleaning service makes it an easy choice for homeowners who appreciate swift service and preventative maintenance. Also, if you are already experiencing a clog or a very slow flow, we can correct that so you can get back to how it was as quickly as possible. In most cases, we even offer same-day service.

Emergency Plumbing

Frozen Pipe

Plumbing Replacement

Many people only call a plumber when an emergency happens. Your toilet backs up, your tub will not drain, a pipe springs a leak, or your hot water heater stops working. If any of these or other emergency issues occur, time is of the essence. Discount Plumbers offers 24/7 emergency services. We have professionals on call anytime of the day or night to help you and your home get back to normal.

Minneapolis winter weather brings with it the risk of frozen pipes that can rupture or leak over time. Bad valves on your showers and sinks or worn-out washers and O-rings can also cause drips. These things waste water, increase your utility bills, and can even cause damage to walls and floors. Call in the experts who can diagnose and fix pipe, valve, and fitting problems quickly before more serious issues arise. Combine that with affordable pricing and no surprise extra fees, and your decision is clear. Call Discount Plumbers in Minneapolis anytime of the day or night if you have an issue with frozen pipes or leaks.

We offer quick and affordable plumbers for hot water heaters of all sizes, kitchen garbage disposals, sump pumps, and more. If it to do with your plumbing system in your home, we can take care of it for you. We use the most effective products so you can rely on the appliances/parts that we install for you. Our experienced and well-trained plumbers know how to get the job done right the first time.

Drain Cleaning Services - Us vs Them

A Wide Range Of Other Local Plumbers Near Me Service

What services do you need from a professional plumber today? If you go with other service providers, you may find yourself having to contact multiple companies to get the right quote, this leads to high degrees of inconvenience and more expensive bills. Instead of shopping around, stick with the one-stop shop Discount Plumbers. Although we promote our $169 drain cleaning services, that is not all that we offer. From small jobs to bigger ones.

These three qualities are necessary when it comes to hiring any service company or provider. You do not want to risk your home and your family’s comfort with plumbers who tried to cut corners or do not offer legal and financial protection. We are committed to offering the best budget-friendly and quickest options in Minnesota.

When the time comes to choose the best plumber near me in Minnesota, you do not have to look far for reliability, professional services, and budget-friendly prices. Discount Plumbers offers not only some of the cheapest drain cleaning services around, but also lots of other options to take care of your entire home.

Call Reputable Plumbers at (612) 503-4560 today with questions or to schedule a plumbing appointment at your convenience.

Need a Plumber Near You In Another City?

No problem, we’ve got you covered. Discount Plumbers services over 60 cities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area. For your convenience, we have listed all of the cities we service below. Just click on any city link below to be directed to the city you need service in.

No plumbing issue you may be experiencing is too big or small. We are licensed plumbers, providing residential and commercial plumbing & emergency services. We do not sub-contract or outsource any of our services. When you call Discount Plumbers, you will get 5-star plumbing service that shows up fast – and get the job done right.

Who are the best plumbers near me? When you look at all the services that Discount Plumbers offer, the answer to this question becomes simple. Not only do you get work done by true professionals, but you also enjoy service faster than you can imagine – sometimes in as little as two hours!

Committing To Minnesotans

As a trustworthy Minneapolis emergency plumbing company, we want to provide our clients the solution they rightfully should have. Whether you are facing difficult water damage, a dragging leaky pipeline concern, or a clogged up drain, our plumbing technicians are here for you. All you need to do is dial our number, and give us a call when the emergency arrives.

When you’re looking for an “always available” company for your needs, call no one but us. We are more than capable in dealing with anything plumbing, and always genuine when we claim that we have fixed your problems.

We promise to arrive asap when the call comes in. We can usually be at your house within two hours. We intend to give you the best of what we have. Depend on us to meet your plumbing requirements. We’ll supply you with plumbing that not only lasts months, but years. Our goal is to provide you with powerful services, and not a bandaid remedy.