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Drain Cleaning in Fridley, MN

Are you searching online for a trustworthy and expert plumbing service? In need of a new water heater or other plumbing necessities such as kitchen repiping, appliance setting up, or a pipe leak mending? Your search ends here! Discover why homeowners in Fridley rave about Discount Plumbing and Drain Cleaning! THE FRIENDLY FRIDLEY PRAISES Discount Plumbing and Drain Cleaning!

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Fridley’s residents and business proprietors appreciate the excellent services offered by Discount Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. Perhaps it’s our plumbers’ polished appearance, their commitment to exceptional customer service, or the top-notch plumbing solutions at fair prices they deliver. What’s not to appreciate?

Discount Plumbing and Drain Cleaning carries over three decades of unparalleled plumbing expertise and service to every task we undertake. The numbers speak for themselves; we cater to over 800 contented customers monthly. That’s the level of service and plumbing expertise you can rely on when seeking a seasoned plumber.

WATER HEATER SPECIALISTS IN FRIDLEY! Is your Fridley home’s hot water turning lukewarm? Water heaters usually fade into the background until there’s a hiccup with the hot water supply. That’s when this overlooked appliance steals the spotlight. And when you reach out to Discount Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we swiftly evaluate your water heater issue, presenting the most suitable solutions, be it a fresh installation or a repair job.

FRIDLEY’S PRIME PLUMBING SOLUTIONS! Even a minor pipe leak can swiftly wreak havoc on your home’s floors, walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and more. Worse still, concealed leaks can inflict more damage than what’s immediately evident. Hence, it’s pivotal to engage a plumbing firm equipped with modern tech to detect and rectify leaks, whether it’s a visible one under your kitchen basin or a concealed nuisance.

Furthermore, Discount Plumbing and Drain Cleaning offers adept plumbing solutions for kitchen revamps and appliance setups. When sprucing up your kitchen, it’s essential to ensure that all plumbing tasks are executed professionally, averting future complications.

For tasks like water heater installations, leak pinpointing and fixing, kitchen overhauls, or appliance integrations, choose the plumbing veterans with a wealth of experience – Discount Plumbing and Drain Cleaning! Dial (612) 843-2454 for all your plumbing concerns!

Licensed, Bonded, and Fully Insured Fridley Plumbers Our certified and insured professionals can adeptly handle any plumbing challenge thrown their way. Reach out to us now, and we promise a swift response.


Residential Services

• Restoration of Bathroom Sink Drainage

• Basement and Mop Sink Clearing

• Hydro Jetting for Intense Water Flow

• Maintenance for Septic Lines

• Resolving Clogged Toilet Issues

• Comprehensive Sewer Cleaning & Extraction

• Expert Commercial Cleaning & De-Clogging

• Bathtub and Shower Drainage Optimization

• Kitchen Sink Drain Care

• Solutions for Obstructed Plumbing & Pipelines

• Proficient Rooter & Snaking Procedures

• Flood Drains Control and Maintenance

• Laundry Tub Drain Purging

• Thawing of Frozen Lines

• Floor Drain Management Services