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Why you would need your kitchen sink repairedIf you don’t have a leaking problem yet but you can see significant indicators of damage to the sink, it may be time to change it. As an example, if you have a metal sink basin that is revealing indications of corrosion or damages, it’s time to replace it. Porcelain sinks can come to be damaged with time by cracking, which can subsequently result in leaks. Most people should expect between $200 and $500 to have a repaired or replaced. Most companies charge anywhere from $50 to $100 to get rid of your current sink, including the garbage disposal. But with Discount Plumbers there’s no extra added fees, with pricing upfront. 

If you need Kitchen Sink Repair services, contact Discount Plumbers at 612-503-4560. We are located in Minneapolis but service 65 surrounding metro areas. We provide plumbers near me services as well as emergency plumbers 24/7.

We Work on Garbage Disposals

Over time, food fragments will collect in your waste disposal unit and also give off pungent, unpleasant scents. These smells don’t suggest anything incorrect with your disposal, just that it requires a great cleaning. Usage baking soda and also vinegar within the disposal to clear the smells. If they linger, you may have to take apart the disposal. See the images below.

If you turn on your waste disposal unit and it’s “dead,” the silence can suggest a number of different issues. A plug in the disposal could be loose or the switch on its reset may have bulged. Perhaps the electrical switch to the disposal needs to be changed. The circuit breaker to the disposal or the motor might have strained or might require to be reset. It’s also possible that the motor is dead. If it is an electrical concern, you need to call your local electrical expert.

Old Garbage Disposal
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When we install a new sink, we take care to make sure that it is done correctly with no leakages that could cause water damage in the long-run. If your cooking area has currently suffered from water damages and the resulting consequences of mold, mildew, or rot, our team can help you keeping that clean also so your cooking area is not only stunning, yet it is functional as well.


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