Sewer Inspection Brooklyn Park

Sewer Inspection Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection Services

Sewer inspection service is a professional service that involves the inspection of sewer lines and pipes to identify any damage or potential issues that may cause problems in the future. This service is typically provided by trained professionals who use specialized equipment such as cameras and sensors to examine the interior of the sewer pipes.

How do sewer inspection cameras work? The inspection process involves inserting a flexible camera or sensor into the sewer pipe to capture images and data of the interior of the pipe. This allows the inspector to identify any cracks, corrosion, blockages, or other issues that may be present. 

The camera is enclosed in a watertight steel case resistant to corrosives and solvents. Bright LED lights enable the camera to capture real-time imagery in pitch-black pipes and ductwork. Fiber optic cable transmits the image to a viewing monitor.
Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will provide a detailed report of their findings along with recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Our sewer camera inspections are fast and non-intrusive, relying on existing access points in order to inspect the pipes and ensure that costs are kept to a minimum. These camera inspections are a vital component of our repair process, and regardless of the solution we may recommend, our inspections are always offered in conjunction with our repairs to ensure that our work is precise.

We clearly explain the results of our sewer camera inspection and are upfront with the costs of repair. We always stand by our free estimates so there are no surprise fees for our customers after the work is finished. 

With the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years, we explain the benefits of a sewer camera inspection to our customers by illustrating the current conditions of their pipes, the problems within them, and what can be done in the future to avoid further complications and keep their pipes clean and clear.

We offer our sewer camera inspections for emergency situations as well as preventative care and maintenance, encouraging home and business owners to be aware of the quality of their pipes and prevent accidents from occurring again. Customers looking to rent or purchase old or newer properties can also rely on our professionals to inspect the sewer system from within before they provide services.

At Discount Plumbers & Drain Cleaning, we have a long list of satisfied customers who call us in for different plumbing issues they face – no plumbing issue is too small or big for us. We undertake all our projects with the same sense of responsibility and offer unconditional guarantee on the work we do, and the materials we use. 

Sewer inspection services are important for property owners, municipalities, and other organizations that are responsible for maintaining sewer systems. Regular inspections can help prevent costly repairs and ensure that the sewer system is functioning properly. In addition, inspections can help identify potential hazards such as leaks or blockages that could pose a risk to public health and safety.

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