Sink Installation

Sink Installation

Sink Installation can be a fairly simple process, but it may require the help of a professional plumber for larger or more complex installations.

Sink Installation services usually includes connecting the supply lines, attaching the sink to the countertop, and connecting the drain. Some installations may require additional steps, like sealing the countertop, installing a vanity or countertop, and attaching the faucet.

Discount Plumbers can also help with the more complex tasks, such as rerouting the plumbing, installing a garbage disposal, and installing a water filter.

If the sink installation is done in an existing bathroom, there may also be a need to disconnect the existing plumbing. It is also important to make sure that the sink is level, as improper installation can cause water to leak or drain away from the sink.

Discount Plumbers offers a wide range of sink installation services at discounted rates, including supply line installation and attaching the sink to the countertop.

If you need sink installation service, we can help you. Contact us today for more information.