Hopkins Tub Repair

Hopkins Tub Repair

Issues with your tub in Hopkins?

Discount Plumbers can help repair it or replace it!

If your shower or bathtub are not functioning efficiently, you will not be able to take pleasure in a good, enjoyable, shower or bath. For home owners that need bathtub and shower repairs in Hopkins , Discount Plumbers, has you covered.

Potential Tub and Shower Issues:

Water has the potential too cause damage in your home. We use our bathtubs as well as showers on a daily basis, therefore if you are having any kind of leakage call Discount Plumbers in Hopkins promptly since even more damages cost you more.


You may wish to replace the bathtub after it becomes blemished from the chemicals you use when cleaning. When cleaning, you may want to replace the tub after it comes to be tarnished from the chemicals you use.

Tarnished bathtubs are an eyesore and require a proper solution to repair the issue. The bathtub can also develop cracks and also scratches that may require replacing. Other problems include weak bathtub bottoms and shower pans, malfunctioning faucets or shower cartridges, and also slow shower or tub drainage.


The majority of the obstructions in the shower or tub are because of the slow-moving build-up of sludge, oil, and also hair . We are able to identify all blocking associated problems and also fix the underlying issue.

Advantages of the Video Technology

If your shower or tub has a drainage problem, a video inspection is accomplished to look into your tub or shower pipelines. A video clip assessment is carried out to look into your tub or shower pipes if your shower or tub has a drainage problem. We can quickly determine the root cause of a drainage problem. Our modern equipment helps our technicians work efficiently and also do something about it to fix the problem; this also saves you money.

How We Work

After calling us, we will inspect the shower head and dripping areas. We may do a video examination of the whole water drainage shower, tub, and also system . After pinpointing the origin of the issue and also detecting it, we will inform you of the very best services. Prior to any type of work commences, we provide a quote for our charges.

Our Mission

We concentrate on repairing and replacing all plumbing components for our esteemed clients. If you need tub repair service in Hopkins, we can help you. Call us today (612)-503-4560 for more information.