Sewer Line Installation

Discount Plumbers is a full-service plumbing company. We have the knowledge, experience, and state of the art equipment to take care of all your sewer line installation needs start to finish. This ranges from clearing a simple clogged drain to repairing or replacing underground sewer and water lines when necessary.

First Step. Diagnosing

We have state of the art infrared video camera’s designed specifically for sewer line installation.
What questions can be answered in the process of a video inspection?
How severe is the problem?
Is the sewer line broken?
Is the problem in my yard or under the street or sidewalk?
Does my line run under my driveway or walkway?
What can I expect if I don’t fix the problem?

Ok I Want Sewer Line Installation. Now What?

We specialize in quick turn around on every type of repair whether it be sewer or water. We realize that these things aren’t usually planned for. If an underground utility needs to be repaired, it probably needs to be repaired quickly. Therefore, we have set ourselves up with the equipment and manpower to address any underground sewer or water issue as quickly as we can get the permit and schedule an inspection. Sometimes as quickly as the following day!
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Sewer Inspection
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Sewer Camera Inspection

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