Sewer Video Inspection

Why Do Camera & Video Inspections?

Nothing is worse than finding yourself in a situation in which you have a stubbornly clogged drain, low water pressure in your shower, or worse yet – sewer coming back up from your toilet. No need to fret!

Discount Plumbers not only knows how to fix the problem, but also has the equipment to pin point & inspect your entire plumbing network with ease. If you’re experiencing any of the following with your plumbing or drains.

Give Discount Plumbers a call today to schedule your plumbing camera inspection.

Know Exactly What is Clogging Your Sewer or Plumbing

Your water main or sewer line may have any number of issues that are causing it to be blocked. Before you go through the hassle of digging up and repairing the issue, know exactly what you’re dealing with by scheduling a plumbing camera inspection with Discount Plumbers.

A plumbing camera inspection can detect whether you’re dealing with a tree root infiltration; a broken, cracked, or collapsed pipe; major blockage of grease, sediment, or paper; or sagging pipes, causing buildup & eventual blockage.

Lost Item Retrieval

You think & hope it will never happen to you, but know that Discount Plumbers is there when it does! If you lose a valuable or sentimental item down your drain, Discount Plumbers is in your Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding metro area neighborhood. We can save you time & money by helping locate your missing item within your plumbing system with a camera inspection from one of our expert plumbers.
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