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Discount Plumbers Van $94

Why Choose Discount Plumbers?

Drain Cleaning

Kitchen Sink, Bathroom Sink, Shower, or Tub - Laundry Drain, Toilet, Main Sewer Line
$ 94 Us vs Them $300

Water Heater

Depending on the price of the replacement unit.
$ 1k Us vs Them $2k For the Exact Same Unit

Garbage Disposal

Depending on the price of the unit.
$300-600 Us vs Them $800-1200 Exact Same Service

Us vs Them Pricing

What’s the difference between us and them? A lot. Why pay more for the exact same service with the exact same equipment? Literally exactly the same. 

So what are you really paying for?  

Their advertising.

Advertising on the radio and TV can be really expensive. Compare two company’s. One advertises on TV, the other does not. Who will be more expensive? They each have the exact same equipment, the exact same parts and the exact same experience.

Our prices are often 1/2 the price of our big competitors. We’ve seen too many $5,000 water heater invoices from our competitors. Too many $1,200 toilet installs.  

Discount Plumbers offer competitive pricing based on three variables: availability, materials, and expertise.

Yes, Of Course Discount Plumbers is Licensed, Insured, And Bonded. Just because you’re licensed doesn’t mean it should to be expensive.


Just like carpet cleaning companies, some plumbers are told to sell, sell, sell. 
All you wanted was a price to have your faucet replaced. Your toilet was re-filling over and over. Your bathroom sink was clogged and needed drain cleaning. You’re water heater was leaking a little or not getting hot enough. The next thing you know they’re looking at your furnace. You know what that means, you’re being sold a new furnace. But my furnace is fine! We know. 

How does a visit from “THEM” turn into thousands of dollars? 

Google Guarantee

For plumbing near me, local drain plumber, emergency plumber or local plumber in Minneapolis we can handle all your sewer and drain cleaning services in the Minneapolis area. Discount Plumbers® Minneapolis also offers a dedicated team of qualified professional plumbers ready to help with your faucets, toilets, garbage disposal, water heater, trenchless sewer repair and tub/shower valve issues. Our unclog drain cleaning specials can’t be beat by any other plumber or rooter companies and we provide rapid response for your clogged drain, clogged toilet, main drain cleaning, main line sewer repair, sewer lining, sewer pipe or even sewer line installation. Contact us today for $94 Drain Cleaners and Plumber services in the MinneapolisSt Paul Metro area.

* $75 service fee applies to any service within our normal service area.