Minneapolis Garbage Disposal Repairs & Replacements

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

Do you need your garbage disposal repaired or replaced in your Minneapolis/St. Paul or surrounding Metro area?

Garbage Disposals, makes cleanups in the kitchen quick and easy. However, improper usages or lack of maintenance will usually cause the garbage disposal to jam or stop working altogether.
Your home’s garbage disposal should be reliable for years as long as it is maintained properly. Garbage disposals are complex and there are countless things that can go wrong, especially with older garbage disposals. If your garbage disposal isn’t keeping up with your demands, please call Discount Plumbers.
Garbage disposals are often not appreciated until they stop working properly. When serious issues like clogging and mechanical breakdown occur, it is necessary to call a plumbing contractor. Trust our garbage disposal repair experts to get your disposal system working right!
Our skilled technicians will arrive at your home as scheduled and will review the situation with your disposal & make any recommendations on repairs. In some cases it may be more cost-effective to replace an old unit with a brand new unit, rather than trying to come up with older parts that are expensive and hard to find. We pride ourselves on providing the quality of garbage disposal repair.
FOR MORE INFORMATION ON GARBAGE DISPOSAL SERVICE in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and Surrounding Metro Area, Call the number below.
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Helpful tips:

Grinding ice cubes with your disposal will help keep the blades clean. You can also trying grinding pieces of lemon while running warm water, which will help keep down any foul odors in the system. Be careful not to over fill the disposal, which may lead to tough clogs.
Never put bones, cooking grease, or coffee grounds into the garburator
Never run the garbage disposal without water, this can burn-out the motor
Put a slice of lemon or a cup of vinegar down the garburator if the garburator starts to smell
Avoid throwing anything and everything into it, as it will cause a jam. Always flush cold water through the system at the same time that you dispose of food items. If not, the ground-up food particles will become stuck in the pipes and might combine with any grease or fat to become a nasty clog – with the power off, you’ll then need to inspect and clean the garburator, or you may need to call in a professional to repair or replace the system.
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