Minneapolis Hose Spigot Repair

More than likely you have a Hose Spigot or Hose Bib, on your home’s exterior, on the rear side of your home, and maybe also one on the front side.

The hose spigot has a threaded spout that allows the homeowner to connect a garden hose for outdoor water use.
When you are finished with outdoor water use and turn the valve off, the hose spigot or bib is designed to drain out water from the exterior portion of the component. This is to protect itself against water freezing within the component. This causes damage to the hose bib and frozen pipes inside your home that supply the hose spigot with water. A cracked hose spigot must be replaced to prevent water leaks inside your home.
Water damage is no joke. It costs homeowners and insurance companies every year. One way to prevent any damages to your outdoor hose spigots is the have a frost free hose bib or spigot installed.
What Is a Frost Free Hose Spigot or Bib?
A frost free hose bib is a specially-designed outdoor spigot that prevents freezing during the winter months. As freezing is quite common in Minnesota, these hose bibs are handy. Frost free hose bibs look just like regular hose bibs on the outside of your home, but the interior components are slightly different.
The frost free hose bib’s interior piping is longer, with the shutoff valve located farther away from the exterior wall. The pipe also angles downwards to allow for the easy draining of any water leaks. With the shutoff valve closer to the home’s center, water stays warmer so there is less of a risk of freezing.
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How to Prevent Water Leaks from the Hose Spigot:

It’s important you disconnect any attached hoses from the hose bib before cold weather hits. When a hose is attached, water does not drain out of the hose bib. The water inside swells when it freezes, leading to cracks. A cracked hose bib allows for continuous water leaks until the unit is replaced.
What Happens if a Hose Spigot Freezes?
Even if the plumbing appears fine all winter, some homeowners discover the problem in the spring when they use their outdoor hose for the first time. We’ve sent our plumbers to homes where someone used a powerwasher or left a hose running to fill a pool only to flood their crawlspace and house.
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