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Discount Plumbers Chaska can’t be beat. We have the best prices – according to our reviews. How many times have you called a plumber who wouldn’t give you a price over a phone, and if they did it was outrageous?

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Rated 4.8 on Google

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Discount Plumbers are Chaska’s relied on plumbers. Being a family-owned organization our values as well as high quality job have actually stood the test of time for over 100 years. If you need any kind of plumbing, drain as well as sewage system, water treatment or screening, leak detection, hot water heater or business plumbing solutions, call our expert plumbers today.

Hiring a plumber at Discount Plumbers implies you are assured to collaborate with proficient specialists that take their job and their business seriously. Whether your plumbing needs are residential you can depend on our group to fix your plumbing problems right now.

We offer a varied selection of services, however would additionally never ever dream of endangering our top quality of service for quantity’s sake. Call 612-503-4560 to find out more concerning all that we can do for you.


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Looking for plumbers near me in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area? Look no further. We are ready to respond and can have a local plumber on his way within hours of your call. Our plumbers are knowledgeable, professional, certified and licensed. They’re ready to fix your faucets, toilets, garbage disposal, water heater and tub/shower valve issues. Our drain cleaning specials can’t be beat!. We provide rapid response for your clogged drain, clogged toilet, clogged main line, basement drain, sewer repair or sump pump repair. Contact us today for $94 Floor Drain Cleaners or any plumbing services you need fixed.