Terms & Conditions

WORK AUTHORIZATION: I, the undersigned, am the owner/authorized representative of the premises at which the work above is being performed. I understand that I have options. I have the option to repair a portion of the sewer line or to “replace” the entire line (CIPP liner). I also have the option of auguring by the hour without guarantee of success or to not proceed with any option. I hereby authorize the performance of the recommended work for the price quoted and to use such labor and materials as deemed advisable. Unless previously authorized for billing, payment for all work performed is due upon completion. I agree that upon any default by the undersigned in payment or performance of any obligations hereunder, DISCOUNT PLUMBERS may, in addition to all other rights, powers and remedies provided under this contract and by law, accelerate all or any part of the total unpaid balance herein and as permitted by law and sue for the same. DISCOUNT PLUMBERS’ rights and remedies are concurrent, cumulative and in addition to those provide by law. If any payment is not made when due, DISCOUNT PLUMBERS may suspend work on the job until such time as all payments have been made. In the event that any collection enforcement action or proceeding brought in connection with the contract, DISCOUNT PLUMBERS shall be entitled to recover its cost and reasonable attorney fees. In the event an invoice is not paid in full, an interest rate of 18% per annum will be imposed. I understand that aged, deteriorated, inferior pipes and or fixtures may be damaged in the process of performing the requested task including any drain cable that may become “stuck” in any drain line for ANY reason. I agree to indemnify DISCOUNT PLUMBERS or any affiliate or subcontractor for any damages to person or property as a result of performing the requested task. Any warranty expressed or implied does not cover damage to property in the present or future, including but not limited to settling soil, concrete or asphalt.
Excavation work excludes, unless otherwise stated, restoration of: landscape of any kind, for any reason, retaining walls, any private concrete or asphalt for any reason, even in the case of cracking due to heavy equipment, repair of any private utilities. Repair or replacement of any water line (galvanized pipe leaking or not) or sewer line (Orangeburg pipe), required by city inspectors or city code, shall be shall be at the undersioned’s expense. Sewer repair work of any kind does not guarantee that said sewer line won’t ever back up again or that 100% of said pipe or system is in good condition.

ACCEPTANCE OF WORK PERFORMED: I acknowledge satisfactory completion of the above described work and that the premises has been left in satisfactory If you are not completely satisfied for condition. I understand that if my check does not clear, I am liable for the check and any charges from the bank. I agree to pay 1.75% per month for past due any reason, please call and ask to contracts (minimum charge $35). In the event that collection efforts are initiated against me, I shall pay for all associated fees at the posted rates as well as all speak with Customer Service Manager. cost of collection fees and reasonable attorney fees. I agree that the amount set forth in the space marked “TOTAL COST” is the total flat price I have agreed to.
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