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If you suspect a leak or a damaged pipe in your sewer system, it’s crucial to seek immediate emergency service for sewer line repair.

At Discount Plumbers, we are renowned not only for our expertise but also for offering some of the most affordable sewer line repair services in Minnesota. We provide a comprehensive range of sewer services, from line repairs to advanced trenchless techniques. We employ the latest in plumbing and sewer technology. Trust Discount Plumbers to deliver top-quality, cost-effective solutions for any sewer line in Minneapolis.

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How to know if your

Sewer Needs Repair

For homeowners, recognizing the indicators of a broken sewer line is essential to prevent significant water damage in your outdoor spaces. If you identify a leak, don’t hesitate to reach out to Discount Plumbing for a prompt resolution.

Common Sewer Line Problems:

Frequent or Multiple

Drain Clogs

Water backing up

Into Basement

Sinkholes in the



Clay Pipe

Traditional Sewer Line Replacement

When most people think of replacing a sewer line, they picture large trenches, powerful machinery, and upturned landscapes. Traditional replacement involves digging up the entire affected pipe, taking it out, and then putting in a new one. One significant advantage of this method is clarity; after laying down each segment, you can inspect it to ensure correct installation and position. However, it’s not always the most cost-effective solution, especially if the pipe runs beneath structures like buildings. In such scenarios, not only the pipe but also the building and the surrounding landscape might need extensive modifications or replacements.

Trenchless Sewer Lining

Trenchless sewer repair offers a modern twist on fixing pipes. As the name suggests, it doesn’t require the vast trenches typical of traditional methods. This approach is often preferred because it’s less disruptive and can be more cost-effective. The absence of digging preserves the landscape and structures on the property. While there are several types of trenchless methods, the overarching benefit is the reduced need for extensive excavation.

What Determines the Cost for A Sewer Line Replacement

What’s the difference between a $2,000 sewer line repair and a $20,000 repair?

Here are some factors to consider that can help figure out the overall price you’ll pay:


Longer pipelines demand more materials and extensive excavation, leading to increased time and labor for installation. Unfortunately, these extended lines also necessitate additional connectors, introducing potential vulnerabilities. Any bends or angles in the pipes will further escalate costs.


The pipe’s positioning can influence costs, especially if the sewer line is hard to reach or embedded in concrete. Should the plumbing professional or contractor have to penetrate a wall, excavate a street, or disrupt a driveway, you could bear the costs of both the demolition and subsequent repairs, depending on your city’s regulations.


While trenchless sewer line repairs and replacements might be less disruptive, they aren’t always substantially cheaper than traditional methods. However, trenchless approaches eliminate the need for digging and landscaping repairs. Therefore, they could prove to be more cost-effective, especially if your yard has numerous obstacles or if your pipes are set in concrete.


While it’s challenging to determine the exact labor costs in the total of sewer line repairs since it’s not a DIY task, professional plumbers typically charge between $50 to $150 per hour based on their expertise. In contrast, trenchless pipe repairs usually charge a standardized rate per foot.

Cracked Pipe

Pipes that have been compromised due to factors like freezing temperatures or significant foot traffic can often be mended using trenchless techniques, such as lining and spin-casting. While the cost typically ranges from $60 to $250 per foot of pipe, this is more economical than replacing an entire sewer line system.

Tree Roots

It’s not rare for tree roots to penetrate sewer lines. In such cases, a plumber might be able to address the issue by replacing only the section of the pipe affected by the roots. This specific remedy is termed a ‘spot repair‘.

Bellied Line

A subsurface pipe that has descended or collapsed can impede water flow and potentially lead to blockages. Regrettably, collapsed lines typically necessitate replacement, though trenchless methods might be viable in certain situations. The cost typically ranges between $50 to $200 per foot for conventional excavated repairs or replacements, and $60 to $250 per foot for trenchless techniques.

Quick Detection

Camera Inspection

If you suspect issues with your sewer line, it’s advisable to arrange for a camera inspection. While the findings might be disconcerting, you will at least be informed of your options regarding sewer line repair or replacement. Undertaking sewer line replacements is a significant endeavor that demands careful financial planning. Hence, if you’re aware that your sewer line is aging or has had previous issues, it would be prudent to set aside funds in anticipation. 

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