Clogged Kitchen Sink

Clogged Kitchen Sink?

A close second to a clogged toilet, kitchen sinks often get clogged by food waste and can be tricky to unblock on your own. Allow Discount Plumbers® Minneapolis a dedicated team of qualified Minneapolis plumbers to deal with it instead.
Kitchen sinks can be prone to clogs because you have a lot going on. Dual sinks, for example, come with a garbage disposal side and space to connect a dishwasher. This set up presents all kinds of potential risks including food residues and garbage clogs.
Additionally, on the underside of kitchen sinks, there is always a U, P and S-shaped pipe which helps to trap all the gases from returning to the drain as well as debris from clogging the pipes. However, if a large enough piece of debris is trapped, this may clog the drain.
No matter which drains in your home is clogged, it’s important to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible since living conditions can rapidly deteriorate.
Discount Plumbers is pleased to help in any way we can; one phone call from you and we will professionally clean your clogged kitchen sink for only $94 and provide the professional advice to avoid future complications.
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For plumbers near me or plumbers Minneapolis we can handle all your sewer and drain cleaning services in the Minneapolis area. Discount Plumbers® Minneapolis also offers a dedicated team of qualified professional plumbers ready to help with your kitchen faucets, toilets, garbage disposal, water heater and tub/shower valve issues. At the present time, our drain cleaning specials can’t be beat by any other plumber, clogged drain rooters or rooter companies and we provide rapid response for your clogged kitchen sink, clogged toilet, clogged main line, sewer repair or even sump pump repair. Without delay, contact us today for $94 Drain Cleaners and Plumber services in the Minneapolis area.