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Do all the drains in your home seem to be slower than they used to be? Does your bathtub seem to take forever to drain? Consequently, the main drain line from your home to the city service may be clogged. Discount Plumbers offers quick, efficient service when you need clogs removed from the drains in your home. Our professionals are available 24/7 to perform any main drain cleaning, drain cleaning maintenance, emergency drain, cleaning services, and sewer cleaning.
Our $94 drain cleaning services include main drains, floor drains, basement drains, kitchen drains, bathroom drains, and more. Main drain sewer auger services involve using a power run auger, several different cutting heads and over 100′ of high strength cable to cut debris in clogged sewer lines.
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If your sewer is backed up, there are clog remover products and sewer and drain clearing equipment you can rent. However, most property owners find that a clog may be broken, not fully removed. If roots were the catalyst issue, they grow back, for example. Regardless, a professional is needed to thoroughly scrape all the roots from the interior of the pipe and pushed out to the sewer main.
A special camera inspection can be performed by your plumber so you both can see the extent of the problem. Please ask questions! Our plumbers are extensively trained and are happy to explain every step of the process and to counsel you on your repair options.
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