Sewer Inspection

Sewer Inspection

A sewer inspection is an important part of maintaining the health and safety of your property.

It is important to regularly inspect the condition of your sewer system and make sure that it is functioning properly. The inspection can help detect any problems before they become a major issue and can help you stay on top of any necessary repairs and maintenance. Sewer inspections typically involve the use of video equipment and other specialized equipment such as a dye test or smoke test. The video equipment is used to inspect the pipes and check for cracks, leaks, or blockages.

To prepare for a sewer inspection, you should make sure that all of the pipes and fixtures in your home are in good condition. If you experience any problems within your plumbing system, you should contact a plumber to come and make any necessary repairs or replacements before the inspection. During the inspection, the inspector will use video equipment to look for any signs of damage, corrosion, or blockages. They will also take measurements of the pipe diameters to ensure that all of the pipes are the correct size for your property. After the inspection is complete the results will be shared with you so you can determine what repairs may be necessary.

It is critical that you regularly have your sewer system inspected in order to maintain its health and functioning. This will help you prevent any serious problems from occurring, as well as improve the overall quality of your home. A sewer inspection can also help you save money on costly repairs as early detection can help you avoid more expensive problems in the future.

Signs That You Need a Sewer Line Inspection Service

From clogs to collapsed lines, your sewer line can suffer many different forms of damage that threatens to compromise both its own integrity and that of your family and pets. When this occurs, serious consequences may ensue that put their health and wellbeing at risk.

An annual sewer line inspection can help detect potential problems before they arise, whether by having it included as part of a regular home inspection or adding it on to your bill from a plumber.


Clogged drains and toilets are a sure sign that your main sewer line requires inspection, though most clogs are easily fixed using basic drain snaking and plunger techniques. If the issue persists or affects multiple drains simultaneously, it could indicate more serious trouble within your home’s main sewer system.

Therefore, we advise having your main line regularly inspected with a camera inspection service. Doing so allows a plumber to pinpoint exactly where an issue exists without expending unnecessary time and energy on areas which don’t warrant attention.

Signs that your main sewer line may be blocked are:

Filthy Odors from Drains

If there’s an offensive scent emanating from your sinks, tubs or toilets, it could indicate that sewage and waste have come back up from the main sewer line and into these fixtures – or that tree roots have found their way into them – creating blockages in these fixtures. A plumber should be able to quickly identify this issue and recommend the appropriate solutions for repair.

Low Water Levels

If the water in your toilets drains slowly or you observe that its level fluctuates frequently, this could be an indicator of damaged sewer lines. Slow drainage could be due to clogs; however, more serious problems could require further examination by a plumber.

Standing water in your yard can be an enormously hazardous risk. Not only is it an inviting breeding ground for pests, but the Centers for Disease Control warns it can cause Legionnaires’ disease. If you detect standing water anywhere on your property or detect it in your basement or bathroom this should serve as an alarm bell to call in a plumber ASAP for inspection and evaluation.

Root intrusions are one of the primary sources of blocked sewer lines and they can be very expensive to remedy. A closed-circuit TV inspection can identify where any root intrusions exist and determine the most cost-effective approach to eliminating them.

Estimating water levels in CCTV sewer pipes is a challenging task for inspectors, requiring knowledge of video reading techniques and manual annotation methods. To streamline this process, this paper develops a deep learning model to automatically segment and classify water levels within sewer pipes using professionally annotated recordings from three Danish utility companies as a training dataset.

Foul Odors

Foul, gassy odors coming from toilets, sinks or other parts of your house is an obvious indicator that professional sewer line inspection may be required. Odors typically result from obstructions like clogs, cracks or misalignments in your sewer lines which reduce ventilation adequately resulting in backups and other complications in its flow causing backups and backups to form – an indicator that it might be time for an inspection of your sewer lines and possibly repair work as soon as possible.

Floodwater flooding a sewage system can release hydrogen sulfide gasses that emit that familiar rotten egg odor – these gasses should never be ignored as they pose significant health risks.

Insect infestations are another telltale sign it’s time for a sewer line inspection. Cockroaches, palmetto bugs and flies all relish in feeding off of moisture-laden organic material in broken sewer lines; these pests have no trouble infiltrating homes through cracked pipes, vent stacks or any other opening they find available – potentially contaminating food supplies with diseases spread by them and creating unhealthy living conditions for you and your family.

If you are considering purchasing an older home, conducting a sewer line inspection before making your purchase can be invaluable. Faulty sewer lines can be costly to repair and cause irreparable damage to landscaping features in your yard; by inspecting beforehand you may avoid unnecessary expenses after taking ownership and potentially save yourself from major headaches in the form of unexpected repair bills later.

Sewer Backups

Sewer backups are one of the most serious problems homeowners must contend with and can be extremely hazardous to the health and well-being of their family. Contamination from human waste and other pollutants entering through sewer pipes into homes, as well as harmful bacteria entering through other ways can become an imminent health hazard for everyone in the house.

Clogs, cracks and leaks can all contribute to a sewer line becoming blocked up, from heavy rains and flooding to poor plumbing system maintenance in your home or even environmental factors such as poor air quality.

If your sinks take longer to drain or you hear gurgling noises when flushing the toilet, these could be early warning signs of problems in your sewer lines and it’s wise to have them checked as soon as possible in order to avoid an unpleasant backup situation later on.

Causes of sewer backup include pouring grease down drains, excessive water usage, tree roots growing into sewer lines, broken lines or placing heavy items directly on top of them. You can help mitigate these problems by having your sewer lines regularly inspected and not placing heavy objects directly on them; in addition, by shutting off all drains when not in use and not disposing of anything other than garbage down them.

Our Sewer Inspection Service

At Discount Plumbers, we provide comprehensive sewer inspection services. Our trained technicians utilize the latest technology to conduct thorough inspections of your sewer system. We are focused on providing reliable and accurate results, so you can be confident that your home is safe and healthy.

Our team is experienced in detecting any signs of damage, corrosion, or blockages. We utilize specialized equipment such as video cameras and dye tests to identify any potential problems. Our team will also take measurements of the pipe diameters to ensure that all of the pipes are the correct size for your property. After the inspection is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report of the findings.

If we identify any issues during the inspection, we can provide you with the necessary repairs or replacements. We will take the time to explain the problem to you and provide you with the best solution to ensure your property is safe and healthy.

We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers, and make sure that all of our inspections are conducted efficiently and accurately. If you are interested in obtaining a sewer inspection for your property, contact us today.

We are located in Minneapolis but service 65 surrounding metro areas. We provide plumbers near me services as well as emergency plumbers 24/7.

We look forward to helping you maintain your property’s health and safety.

In summary, a sewer camera inspection is essential for diagnosing sewer line problems, assessing pipe condition, locating issues accurately, planning efficient repairs, and preventing health and environmental risks. It is a proactive measure that helps maintain the proper functioning of sewer systems and prevents potential costly repairs and disruptions.