Emergency Plumbing Anoka


Emergency Plumbing Anoka

reliable solution for all emergency plumbing needs in Anoka, MN. Established in 2012, our 12 years of service have made us a staple in the Anoka community. We specialize in tackling the unique plumbing challenges posed by Anoka’s distinct seasons, ensuring that whether it’s a freezing winter day or a humid summer evening, your plumbing is in capable hands.”

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Water Pooling

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Professional Drain Cleaning plumber

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Clogged Drains Too

In our 12 years serving Anoka, Discount Plumbers has become intimately acquainted with the local plumbing landscape. From historical homes with intricate plumbing systems to modern commercial setups, our expertise spans across all types of plumbing needs specific to the Anoka area.

Facing a plumbing issue in Anoka? Our team of emergency plumbers is ready to assist you around the clock. Contact us anytime at 612-503-4560 for swift and effective service.

Services Tailored for Anoka

At Discount Plumbers, we understand that Anoka’s plumbing needs can be as diverse as its history and architecture. That’s why we offer a broad range of services, from basic leak repairs to complex system overhauls, all designed to meet the specific demands of Anoka homes and businesses.

“Our commitment to the Anoka community is reflected in the experiences of our customers. Visit our testimonials page to read firsthand accounts of our professionalism and dedication, echoed in our high ratings and positive reviews across various platforms.


As a fixture in Anoka for over a decade, Discount Plumbers doesn’t just fix leaks and unclog drains. We’re actively involved in local events and initiatives, playing our part in building a stronger, more connected community.

Discount Plumbers is more than just a plumbing service; we’re a part of the Anoka family, committed to ensuring the comfort and safety of every home and business. For any plumbing emergency in Anoka, MN, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 612-503-4560. We’re always here to provide the dependable, expert service you deserve.

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